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Our English Course for Politicians is specially designed to help you out in the areas of communication and speech preparation. If you are getting ready to announce that you are running for political office, then you have to understand that everything about you is going to be scrutinized. Things like your background and personal appearance matter, but what counts for so much more is what you have to say. When you announce that you want to hold an elected position, you should be sure that you can speak English flawlessly. If your vocabulary is not up to par, and you seem to be stumbling over words or searching for them, your constituents are not likely to trust you.

This course will also help you if you’re getting ready for a tension-charged political debate. You’re likely to be asked rapid-fire questions, and you’ll need to answer quickly and concisely. This is not the time that you want to seem unsure of yourself because of your language choices. Once you finish this class, you’ll be confident in your English language skills. You’ll be able to focus on expressing your platform and parrying any linguistic thrusts from your opponents.    


This course will improve your conversational English, but it will also enable you to make meaningful connections with potential voters. You will find it especially useful if you are not a native English speaker. You’ll be able to communicate clearly what your platform is and the steps you plan on implementing to make it a reality. Whether you are speaking to a group of ten or ten thousand, you’ll be able to articulate, speak with authority, and project an air of dignity that should serve you well. This class will work not just on your language skills, but also your confidence and poise.  


During class, our teachers will engage in exercises like mock debates and town halls with you. They’ll work on speechwriting and delivery as well. Any mistakes that you might make will be ironed out. You want these errors to take place in this class, behind closed doors. Once you’re on the campaign trail, all eyes will be upon you. This is the course you need to sharpen your political conviction through mastery of strong, purposeful language. 

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