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The Healthcare Professionals English Course was designed so that once you complete it, you can easily communicate with English-speaking patients and their caregivers. This class is intended for those who speak little or no English, but intend on practicing medicine in the United States. Maybe you are a well-respected doctor in your native country, but if you speak only broken English once you get to the US, you will most likely struggle to get by. The healthcare system can be difficult enough to navigate without a language barrier. This is the class you need so that you can communicate better not only with patients, but also your fellow doctors, orderlies, nurses, and others.

Our teachers will begin by assessing how much English you currently know, and then they will formulate a lesson plan that is unique to your situation. They are friendly and understanding, so you won’t have to ever feel embarrassed with them if you get a word or a phrase wrong. You want to make mistakes with them, so you won’t make those some errors when you are with a patient. Doing so could have negative consequences, like those you are treating not being able to understand you. You’re trying to form a sense of trust with your patients, so it is absolutely critical that they know what you’re saying.

You’ll learn medical and healthcare-related terminology that will prove invaluable as you embark on your medical career in an English-speaking country. You will learn the names for medications, tools that you’ll use in your daily routine, and everything else necessary for you to feel confident in your job.   


You’ll learn how to conduct basic interviews in English, and how to ask the right follow-up questions. You can draw on your new skills when you’re attempting to register a patient, learn their health history, or conduct a physical assessment. If you don’t know the right questions to ask of your patients, and how to ask them, then they might fail to let you know something vital about their condition or symptoms. That could lead to you making the wrong assessment, giving them an incorrect prescription, or ignoring some detail of their case that is especially meaningful.


This class also covers cultural factors that impact healthcare for Latino patients. There are some universalities within the healthcare field, but other factors that only impact particular segments of the population. You will learn all about them during this course.

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