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The Conversational English Course that we offer will improve your basic English-speaking skills. You will learn many of the phrases and words that go along with speaking to friends at casual gatherings. If you find that you’re struggling to keep up with the conversations taking place in English between your friends, you will find this class helpful.

You can also take this course, and it will give you the confidence to speak to someone for the first time on whom you’ve had your eye. That might be a work acquaintance or someone in your friend circle. It might even be that you’re already dating someone who is a native English speaker, or you are married to them. You will be able to better understand them once you take this course, and vice versa.   

This is also the class that covers many of the current events that affect Latinos who are traveling or living abroad. If you take it, then you can converse with your American or English-speaking acquaintances about matters that are of the utmost importance to you. This is the way to let them deeper into your personal life. Once they understand what you’re passionate about and what drives you, you will find it easier to get close to them. After taking this course, you will be able to form more meaningful connections to the English-speaking individuals in your life about whom you care the most.

If you are a foreign exchange student, this is a great course for you as well. You may have some knowledge of English already, but learning the basics from a book is only going to take you so far. If you’ve struggled to string words and phrases together so that you are completely understood, then it can be frustrating for you. Our teachers know how to address your concerns, and they will put you on the path toward mastery of conversational English.

This class emphasizes brainstorming for problem-solving, and you’ll also engage in informative role-playing exercises. You should find it to be just as fun as it is informative. As your language skills improve, you’ll prepare a variety of presentations that reinforce grammatical structures and sharpen your vocabulary. You’ll gain a new groundswell of confidence from this course.

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