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Our Business Professionals courses is designed for individuals who want to do business with English-speaking persons, companies, or countries, especially those who are coming to the US for the first time.  Its focus and structure are different from our Conversational English Course. Where our Conversational English Course is focused on phrases and sentences that come up often in a casual setting, the Business Professionals Course will expand your vocabulary with a variety of terminology that might be used in a boardroom, at a power lunch, or anywhere else where negotiations are going to occur. You’ll learn how to speak in business setting confidently and conduct yourself with the proper decorum in many different situations.

Individuals who are coming to the US for the first time for mergers, takeovers, or to discuss new projects or initiatives would do well to take this class. You’ll be able to communicate with the concierge in your hotel, taxi drivers, limo drivers, and others from many walks of life. If you are nervous about interacting with native English speakers, this will allow you to feel natural and ready for whatever arises. Being unsure of yourself in situations where there is a lot on the line is something that you never want to have happen. Mastering professional phraseology in English will impress your new and existing contacts, as well as your coworkers. These new language skills will make you a much more valuable asset to your company.

The Business Professionals Course will equip you with essential business vocabulary and a wide variety of useful expressions that you’ll often hear on US soil. Once you’re done with this course, you’ll be able to engage in business conversations with the utmost confidence. You can be sure that what you are saying will not be misinterpreted. There will be no misunderstanding during negotiations on any delicate matters. You will be able to pick up on the subtle differences between similar phrases and words. You’ll also be able to notice intonations and the body language that often accompanies them.


Those who finish this course and apply it to their business interactions will be thankful that they did. They will find their stay in the US goes much more smoothly.    

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