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Our classes are focused on conversational English along with reading and writing skills, and cover Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels. Our classes are in the place and at the time of your convenience. We customize all courses, tailoring them to your specific needs.

What do you get with this service?

Basic and Intermediate English Classes

> We use digital flashcards with vocabulary verbs and expressions, usable on your cell phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. This gives you the opportunity to review after and before the class and to continue studying any time, anywhere.

> You will receive a binder that contains handouts of English grammar concepts and exercises, loose-leaf paper, index cards, and a pen.

> We offer additional exercises besides the book in order to keep you engaged reviewing previous material.

> We offer less-expensive online classes, particularly useful if you are out of town and need to keep up with our classes. For this, we use a professional program utilized by universities all around the world. For more information see Online Classes.

Advanced English

> Digital flashcards and other ancillary aids, as in the Basic and Intermediate classes..

> Customized English course tailored to your specific field or trade..

Passages with vocabulary and expressions that include audio. This will help you to increase your vocabulary, listening skills, and reading comprehension in English, and improve your pronunciation.

Spanish courses are available for periods of:

> 24 Hours

> 48 Hours

> 100 Hours

> 150 Hours

> 200 Hours

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