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Learn English online— wherever you are!

Virtual classroom recreates the high quality learning environment with a whiteboard, webcam imaging, instant messaging, and live sound, and give you the ability to record the class to review later. You and the teacher are in constant interaction during the lesson, so you will be motivated to speak in English.

24 Hours



Regular Price $960

Savings 10%

72 Hours



Regular Price $2800

Savings 20%

Regular Price $1920

Savings 15%

48 Hours




> COST The online classes (payable through PayPal) cost less than regular classes

> FLEXIBILITY The student controls the class time and his/her schedule from one hour and up.

> RECORD THE CLASS Classes can be recorded for future review and study.

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System Requirements For Attendees

To use WiZIQ, users first need to have minimum PC requirements, which include a reasonably fast computer, a good Internet connection, and a headset for speaking and listening. A computer video camera is not necessary, but is desirable to make the learning experience more realistic.

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