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Excellent teacher
“Thank you Jose for an excellent introduction to conversational English. Our group classes were very well planned. The handouts and website you provided were very helpful.”

Barbara M.

Thank you to the best Spanish Teacher I ever had 
“We as a group at our company had the privilege to have Mr. Jose Ramirez as our Spanish teacher. We are all very pleased with this experience, his pedagogical methods, dedication and professionalism. I very much recommend Mr. Ramirez services as a Spanish teacher. He is one of the best teacher I ever had. Because of him and his teaching methods I am able to write this comment in Spanish.” Thank you Mr. Ramirez.

Mary T.

Great class, great teacher!
“Jose is a very skilled and patient teacher that puts great effort into practicing the Spanish language with his students.
Not only did we learn a lotof vocabulary, but also grammar, reading, translating and especially speaking the Spanish language.
Although we are not fluent in Spanish yet, we are definitely getting there soon. We are glad to have Jose help us improving our language skills.”

Yvonne S.

Since elected as a Commissioner I have been studying Spanish with Professor Jose Ramirez of Spanish Language 4 Business.

His private tutorials have been perfect for my optimal learning. I need to be able to converse with constituents, especially older residents who speak little English. And I greatly value his flexibility in scheduling classes around my schedule.

After studying the first Basic Spanish text, we are now working on an Intermediate text, and new instructional material including reading articles in Spanish and listening to the audio for additional pronunciation help during the week. I find these instructional materials with audio extremely helpful both in improving my pronunciation and increasing my vocabulary and understanding idioms.

In addition, I enjoy working with digital flash cards and matching games to study vocabulary and verbs. Professor Ramirez also has helped me with short speeches for more formal occasions.

I recommend Professor Jose Ramirez highly!

Joy V. W. Malakoff

Simply the best
“When you want to hire the best, hire Jose Ramirez. There is no one better.”

Tara F.

Exceptional for formal, business or conversational Spanish lessons
“I am a busy professional who owns my own business and as time has progressed, I have come to realize that Spanish is no longer a plus, it is a necessity in order to stay competitive in today’s business market in South Florida. When choosing a service I researched numerous places, talked to more than 10 people and interviewed 3. Jose was by far the most knowledgeable, flexible, experienced and passionate person I spoke with. His love for what he does shows through in all that he does. In just 4 months, I am understanding nearly everything that I hear and read, am able to write with above average proficiency and consider myself conversational in Spanish. Although, conversational is what I desired as my initial goal, I am continuing lessons beyond that to enhance my skills because it has been such a great process. I would highly recommend Jose to anyone who is considering hiring someone to learn Spanish. I am extremely picky and Jose has exceeded my expectations in every way.”

Sandra S.

Fantastic teacher
“José is extremely helpful and patient when it comes to learning Spanish. I have taken classes both in person and online and both experiences have been great. I would highly recommend José and his teaching methods to anyone who is looking to learn Spanish”.

Hunter F

José is a professional teacher, with much patience, focus, openness and creativity, and it is a pleasure to learn from someone who has structured my Spanish language lessons around the field and industry in which I work. His approach and his own interest in learning have helped to make our sessions valuable and enjoyable.

Gracias José

Anton P G Internet Marketing & Communications

José offers a wonderful professional and flexible service for all Spanish levels. As a more advanced Spanish speaker looking to perfect my Spanish for the business world, he understood my needs and continued to bring forward new material such as books and articles to meet my specific needs. He offered a flexible schedule, traveled to my house, and was always on time. I genuinely believed that he cared about my Spanish abilities and wanted to help me. I considered him someone I felt comfortable talking to about anything, and enjoyed talking and learning with him.

Jennifer McBride Senior Brand Manager at Dish Network

…highly recommend the language services of Mr. Ramirez. The balance of his professionalism, strong language and teaching skills, work ethic, and pleasant demeanor made him well like among everyone who interact with him.

He has a very thorough and organized class outline, and from the start was extremely prepared with power point presentations, course syllabus, and textbooks selection.

…he took special interest in providing course content that would directly assist our employees in handling real life job scenarios. He spent extra hours in his own time meeting with employees in the different job roles to develop useful vocabulary tools and phrase translations of exact call language they would use on a daily basis.

I don’t hesitate to recommend Mr. Ramirez…

Mr. Ramirez proved himself to be an extremely caring and conscientious individual. He possessed a genuine sincerity about everything he did pertaining to his job duties. He continuously strived to improve his knowledge in the field of teaching. He is receptive to innovative and creative ideas and is always willing to assume new responsibilities…

Steven Williams Principal, Silver Trail Middle School

Stacey Watanabe Human Resources Manager, Bayview Financial

Mr. Ramirez holds high standards. He is reliable, punctual and conducts himself in both dress and manner, as the professional that he is. He is knowledgeable in his subject area. He is also able to employ technology in his classroom effectively…

Pamela Peckham Chairperson of Foreign Language Department, Chaminade Madonna Preparatory High School

A great teacher! Very patient, friendly a sweet man-makes you feel immediately comfortable. He also takes an active interest in helping you reach your specific goals & works on areas of your concentration. He also has nice credentials. Definitely would recommend him.

Melissa K.

Very conscientious teacher. Able to work with kids and keep them interested. Organized and well prepared. We can see results.

Anetta B.

Very professional, still working with them learning Spanish, I feel like I getting more comfortable with every session.

Priscilla H.

Mr. Ramirez is an excellent teacher– patient, encouraging, and able to gently push us to actually converse in Spanish. In our five months, he was professional and well organized. We felt we were progressing well. We plan to take more classes next fall.

Faith H.

I have completed 3 months of Spanish lessons. Mr. Ramirez is very professional and patient and really interested in making sure you learn and understand the language. I am surprised at how much I have learned in a short time and I have recommended him to several people.

Edie L.

José is a wonderful teacher. He is punctual and well-prepared. We are complete beginners and he has made our lessons fun and stress-free. His teaching style is ‘conversational’ which enables us to speak some Spanish immediately. He teaches a concept and then reviews these concepts with us during our following lessons ensuring we have solidified and completely understand the concept. We will continue to enjoy lessons with Jose in the coming months.

Susan E.

I can highly recommend Mr. Ramirez as a teacher of Spanish. He is very patient with me and we go along at my pace. He uses his laptop, a Spanish exercise book, and his past experience with pupils and our conversation as his teaching tools. Again, I can recommend Mr. Ramirez’s abilities as a teacher of Spanish.

Jose is excellent at tailoring the class to specific needs. He is quite flexible, and we were able to have lessons on a short-term basis while I was in Ft Lauderdale area.

Daniel B.

I LOVE my classes with Jose!!! He is patient, he gives the tools I need and most of all I feel more confident with my Spanish skills. He is a great motivator and a very good person. I highly recommend him.

Aurelie D.

My wife and I have had the pleasure of learning Spanish from Mr. Ramirez. We have found him to be the consummate professional and we are very pleased with our progress.

I highly recommend him as a Spanish teacher.

Paul R.

José is very good with children and worked well with my 7 and 9 year olds. His recommendation for Spanish books at their level was spot on. I would recommend Jose as an excellent tutor.

Janice M.

First and foremost Mr. Ramirez has is very easy going and good hearted person who put me at ease the first moment we met. Regarding that he is extremely professional always returns my calls in a timely manner and hasn’t been late to date. My lessons have been focused but allow some latitude for one of my questions that may take us off point. Mr. Ramirez assessed my level and set up a class outline for the limited time we had available. All of the goals were reasonable and agreed upon. I always request home work which I find useful for review, if there are mistakes the corrections are extremely valuable. I have a tendency to repeat them out of habit. An example would be my pronunciation. My Spanish is improving and I continue to take classes. His patience and individualized lessons have helped me improve quickly. I feel lucky to have found him as an instructor and would recommend him to anyone wishing to learn Spanish for business or just expanding their connections in the Spanish speaking world.

Richard H.

Marie Ann H.

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