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English Language 4 Business prepares you with the skills needed for effective business communication within the English-speaking community.

  • Speak The Language

  • Grasp The Culture

  • Reap The Rewards

Communicate with success in English!

Online Courses

  • Classes are One-On-One

  • Flexible Schedule

  • Cost-Efficiency

Business English Classes

  • Learn how to speak English effectively.

  • Learn the terminology and expressions used at work.

  • Master the skills in conversational English along with reading and writing skills.

English classes for Business Professionals & Trades or Specific Purposes

We offer specialized English courses tailored to various professions and occupations. Our curriculum focuses on relevant vocabulary and expressions to enhance effective business communication in English. All classes are conducted by qualified English teachers.

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Beginners: At the beginner level, students focused on acquiring basic vocabulary and fundamental sentence structures. They learn to engage in simple conversations, ask and answer questions, write short sentences. Emphasis is placed on everyday situations like greetings, asking for directions, and basic transactions.

English Classes

Intermediate: Intermediate learners build on the basics by incorporating more complex grammar structures like differnt verb tenses, modal verbs, and conditionals. Their vocabulary include idiomatic expressions and phrasal verbs. They are equipped to handle a broader range of everyday situations and are intorduced to more formal and academic texts.

Advanced: Advanced students refine their language skills to a near-native level, focusing on nuances and stylistic choices. They learn to comprehend and produce complex texts, master advanced vocabulary and idioms, and are capable of sophisticated verbal and written communication. Topics may include professional language, academic writing, and nuanced social interaction.

Business English

At English Language 4 Business, we offer customized English classes suite for various professions and occupations.

Our goal is to help you achieve your career objectives speaking the English language in your professional field.

              Our Specialized Business English sessions will cover:

  • Presentation Skills

  • Verbal Communication

  • Written Communication

  • Negotiation Skills

  • Conversational Skills


Online Classes

  • Classes are live one-on-one.​

  • You can start your classes any day, any time.​

  • Classes are in sessions of 55 minutes.​

  • You have control over how many classes you want ​to take per week.​

  • Choose the schedule of your class ​Monday-Saturday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. ​

  • You can renew or stop your classes at any time.​

About Us

José Q. Ramirez, the President and Founder of English Language 4 Business, holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Admininstration and is a certified K-12 Spanish teacher in Florida.

Gaining proficiency in English as a second language in his early thirties, he understands the challenges facing adult learners. Leveraging his extensive experience in business administration and education -spanning over three decades, respectively -he has crafted a teaching methodology that efficiently integrates grammar, reading comprehension, and speaking in time- and cost-effective one-on-one classes.

Diego Ramirez is a certified Spanish Teacher and holds a degree in international Relations with a focus on business.

With over 10 years of teaching experience, he has been teaching students with different backgrounds, trades, and professions. He is able to adapt his way of teaching to meet the specific language purposes of each students.

Philosophy at English Language 4 Business

Our teaching philosophy at English Language 4 Business:

  • We are focused on providing a balanced and inclusive learning experience, addressing both professional and everyday English usage.

  • We emphasize holistic language acquisition and cultural understanding in our practical and relevant lessons, tailored to meet real-world needs facilitated by our expert instructors.

  • We recognize the pivotal role that our teachers play in maintaining our reputation as a leading institution in English language education. They are the backbone of our school, embodying the values, ethos, and goals that underline our commitment to providing top-notch English language experiences.

Mission Statement

English Language 4 Business is dedicated to delivering balanced and holistic English learning experiences, emphasizing practical application and cultural understanding

List of Values

  • Collaboration

  • Expertise

  • Integrity

  • Student-Centered Approach

  • Holding in high regard, our teachers.

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